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  • 32 Years Experience
  • Custom Homes
  • Remodels
  • ICF Construction
  • North Idaho
  • Greater Spokane Area

Inspired by the dynamic landscape of the Northwest, we bring the visions of owners, architects and craftsmen together to create exceptional homes and remodels that reflect the character of their distinctive surroundings.

Your Local Experts in ICF Construction

Pinnacle General Contracting is the leading insulated concrete form contractor in the Inland Northwest. Using interlocking foam blocks, with a poured-in-place concrete core, you can have a nearly bomb-proof home, built 1/3 faster than a traditional stick built home. Having over a dozen ICF homes under our belt in the last 4 years, we can easily adapt any floor plan and building site to use this innovative energy efficient product.

Foam on either side of concrete pocket contains concrete during pour and provides additional insulation value. Blocks are available with 6″ or 8″ concrete pockets depending on structural needs.
Webbing holds the block together during construction and concrete pour, and provides tabs to position rebar at proper location
Ratcheting clips hold rows of blocks together tightly to maintain a flat plane across top surface of blocks.
(not shown) Plastic straps molded into foam provide attachment to screw in siding, drywall and other wall coverings, without having to drill into the concrete core.
Energy Efficiency – 20 to 50% less expensive to heat & cool your home


Safety – Fire, wind, impact, water, bullet and seismic resistant


Privacy – Nearly soundproof with no additional insulation costs


Longevity – ICF construction lasts, on average, 10 generations without maintenance


Value – Lumber & insulation prices vary widely, concrete prices remain relatively constant


Time to Build – ICF construction can be completed about 35% faster than traditional wood frame construction

Pinnacle was founded by Luis deArtola, a 26-year veteran of the building industry.  He began his building career working for nationally recognized builders, managing multi-million dollar projects including artist lofts, and mixed-use applications of residential / commercial. Luis then moved on to building custom homes in Venice, California, often for celebrities.

In 2006, Luis brought his family of seven and his wide range of experience to North Idaho, where he has made this beautiful part of the country his home. Since then, he has built a wide scope of  projects, from custom homes, renovations, commercial projects and light industrial builds.

Luis deArtola



As Luis’ oldest son, Luis E. has been around the building industry his whole life. After graduating from Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Luis spent two years working for a large construction company in the midwest before moving home to help take over Pinnacle’s day to day operations as a project manager. Luis brought his experience working with a large builder, helping to modernize and streamline the operations of Pinnacle. Luis and his wife live in Spirit Lake, ID.

Luis E. deArtola

Project Manager

Jon Sailer

Project Manager

Jon met Luis while studying together at Gonzaga. After a 4 year career as a manufacturing engineer, Luis approached Jon about joining Pinnacle to expand the project management team as the company continued to grow. Jon joined the team in 2021 and helped apply his manufacturing knowledge of process control and quality monitoring to improve Pinnacle’s service and expand capacity. Jon, his wife and their daughter live in Coeur d’Alene, ID.


We are experts in the custom home construction process. Throughout all phases of construction, we put our clients in control of the process. Since 1996, we have developed systems to make a complicated process easy and cost-effective. We will deliver you a home on schedule and within budget. With focus on detail, we do everything in our power to guarantee a positive experience for you. Many of our satisfied clients have even asked us to stay on in a caretaking capacity after completion of their home.

At the intersection of rugged wilderness, rustic aesthetics and timeless elegance, building unique homes with a deep connection to place is our passion.

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